Agenda del Cima Universidad de Navarra

octubre 2024
Hora de inicio 09:00 h
octubre 2024
Hora de fin 19:00 h

Bridging RNA Biology and Therapy Symposium

Bridging RNA Biology and Therapy Symposium

The symposium will feature several sessions on interconnected key areas of advanced RNA research, led by some of the most prominent international speakers. They will cover the latest findings related to the complexity of the human transcriptome and the associated mechanisms of gene regulation underlying disease. Moreover, the possibility of using RNA molecules as drugs to treat or prevent diseases has opened up a broad range of potential medical applications. The symposium will showcase innovative strategies for applying RNA discoveries, including methods to facilitate their implementation through molecule delivery.

Sessions will offer opportunities for oral presentations selected from abstracts by both young and established researchers, as well as poster presentations.

Abstract submission open from May 6th.

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