Universidad de Navarra Biomedical Campus

World-class research and infrastructure for cutting-edge innovation and the generation of excellent scientific knowledge at the service of the highest quality medical care and the improvement of society.

The essence of university research

The Cima Universidad de Navarra is part of a unique biomedical complex in Spain whose scientific activity creates and transmits knowledge to generate impact on society.
The strategic connection between the Cima, the Clínica Universidad de Navarra and the faculties of Medicine, Science and Pharmacy and Nutrition, favors the training of talent and allows a constant exchange of knowledge between the classroom, the laboratory and the patient.

Universidad de Navarra

The faculties of Medicine, Science, Pharmacy and Nutrition prepare professionals with a solid scientific and technical background in multiple biomedical fields, favoring an integral development of the student capable of facing current scientific challenges.

<p>Fachada del Centro de Investigaci&oacute;n M&eacute;dica Aplicada (CIMA)</p>

Cima Universidad de Navarra

With the mission of research to cure, Cima conducts biomedical research of excellence based on a deep biological knowledge of diseases. It carries out its activities for the benefit of patients in an environment of open innovation.

<p>Fachada Clínica Universidad de Navarra</p>

Clínica Universidad de Navarra

Patient-centered medical care is reflected in the Clinic's commitment to cutting-edge technology and research to offer each patient the medicine he or she needs.

Other research centers of the Universidad de Navarra biomedical campus

Biomedical Engineering Center

Research and application of the latest technological advances in Biomedicine to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases. It works in close collaboration with the Clínica, the Ceit Technology Center and the Engineering School of the Universidad de Navarra.


A meeting place for people and institutions that promotes multidisciplinary and applied research through the Institute of Biodiversity and Environment, the teaching provided by the faculties of Science and Pharmacy and Nutrition, entrepreneurship through the Innovation Factory and the dissemination and transmission of the passion for science through the Science Museum.

Nutrition Research Center

Basic-applied research on health improvement through diet and lifestyle with special focus on the study of the origin and mechanisms involved in obesity, the epidemic of the 21st century.