We do research to find solutions to diseases

Our research divisions

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We want our research to improve the lives of patients.

Our scientific work is translational, the patient is the origin and the end of the path of our scientific projects.

As the Clinic's research center, we address clinical problems with a multidisciplinary approach in order to propose the most effective treatment for each patient.

At the forefront of research

We develop pharmaceuticals that become solutions

Strategic alliances with important companies that encourage us to continue developing our research work

Gene therapy for the treatment of neurological diseases

Therapy to correct mutations associated with Parkinson's disease and other parkinsonisms or movement disorders.

Gene therapy for the treatment of rare diseases

Gene therapy aimed at the treatment of alterations in the ATP7B gene, whose mutation causes its accumulation in the liver and other tissues causing different diseases.

Regenerative medicine

Solution for myocardial infarction patients by means of a "smart patch" capable of regenerating their cardiac lesion.

Our researchers dream of curing diseases

Behind every discovery there is a story, researchers who have a vision and work to achieve our goal.

Financing entities

Large companies and entities that are committed and help us so that we can carry out our research activity.



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