Technological platforms

Research support

Analytical Biochemistry

Fast and accurate information on a large number of clinical chemistry parameters.


We ensure safe and efficient processing of biological samples and associated data.


We promote the development of any DNA/RNA study on a massive scale in humans or other organisms.


We use immunophenotypic techniques to determine the characteristics of particles or cells in suspension.


State-of-the-art genome sequencing technology in an accurate and agile manner.


Microscopic and noninvasive quantitative image acquisition and analysis in laboratory animals.

Radioactive Facility

Use of radioactive material for experimentation under appropriate conditions and in accordance with legal regulations.


In vivo molecular imaging to visualize and quantify a wide range of biological and physiological processes.

Animal models

We have animal models of relevant diseases to offer service to our researchers.


To provide the scientific community with a specialized service in the processing of histological samples.

Animal Production and Experimentation

Support for all research projects that require the use of animals.