Cima Universidad de Navarra

FIMA Board of Trustees

The Fundación para la Investigación Médica Aplicada (FIMA) is the titular entity of the Cima Universidad de Navarra. It was established in 1998 and, after five decades of experience in biomedical research, FIMA created the Cima in 2004. The foundation consists of a president and five trustees:

President: Mr. Enrique de Sendagorta.

Honorary members:

  • Mr. Antonio Catalán
  • Mr. Antonio Trueba
  • Mr. Javier Olave

Members of the Board of Trustees:

  • Mr. Jorge Lucaya (vice-chairman)
  • Mr. Igor Errasti (secretary)
  • Ms. Paloma Grau (member)
  • Mr. Miguel Sanz (member)
  • Ms. Isabel Estapé (member)

The Board of Trustees is responsible for appointing the Cima Steering Committee, proposed by the Universidad de Navarra.

Governing Bodies

The Cima of the Universidad de Navarra is a University Research Institute that depends organically on the Rectorate of the Universidad de Navarra.

Management Committee

The Cima Steering Committee is proposed by the Universidad de Navarra and its appointment corresponds to FIMA. Together with the Rectorate, it is responsible for balancing the budget.

José Andrés
Gómez Cantero

General director
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Jesús San Miguel Izquierdo
Translational Medicine Director
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Gloria González Aseguinolaza
Innovation and Transfer Director
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Antonio Pineda

Scientific Director
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María Mora

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Ana Fortuño

Scientific Secretary
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The Scientific Advisory Board is made up of researchers who are program directors in different scientific areas of the Cima and other prestigious researchers.

  • Dr. Matías Ávila, director of the Hepatology Program.
  • Dr. Rubén Pío, director of the Solid Tumors Program.
  • Dr. Felipe Prósper, director of the Regenerative Medicine program and co-director of the Hemato-Oncology Program.
  • Dr. Mª Cruz Rodríguez-Oroz, director of the Neurosciences Program.
  • Dr. Arantxa González Miqueo, director of the Cardiovascular Diseases Program.
  • Dr. Cristian Smerdou, director of the Gene Therapy and Regulation of Gene Expression Program.
  • Dr. Juan José Lasarte, director of the Immunology and Immunotherapy Program.
  • Dr. Antonio Pineda-Lucena, director of the Molecular Therapies Program.
  • Dr. Mikel Hernáez, Director of the Computational Biology Program.
  • Dr. Carlos Ortiz de Solórzano, Director of the Imaging Platform.
  • Dr. Bruno Paiva, Director of the Cytometry Technology Platform.
  • Dr. Fernando Lecanda, director of the Adhesion and Metastasis group within the Solid Tumors Program.
  • Dr. Ignacio Melero, senior researcher in the Immunology and Immunotherapy Program.

The External Scientific Council is made up of prestigious national and international researchers:

  • Dr. Vicente Vicente, Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Murcia.
  • Dr. Margarita Del Val, Director of the Viral Immunology Unit of CSIC.
  • Dr. Jean Charles Soria, Senior Vice President, Research and Development en AMGEN.
  • Dr. Carlos López Otín, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Oviedo.
  • Dr. Ramón Bataller, Associate Director of the Liver Research Center of Pittsburgh (USA).
  • Dr. Gema Frühbeck, director of the Metabolic Research Laboratory of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra.
  • Dr. Francisco Sánchez Madrid, scientific director of IIS-Princesa.
  • Dr. Juan Bueren, head of the Division of Innovative Therapies in the Hematopoietic System at CIEMAT.
  • Dr. Joaquín Castilla, principal investigator and research professor at Ikerbasque (CIC bioGUNE - Bilbao) in the Prion Research Laboratory.
  • Dr. Ángel Carracedo, Professor of Genomic Medicine at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

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