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As a research center of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, the scientific objective of Cima is to improve diagnosis and propose the most effective treatment for each patient. To this end, researchers work closely with clinicians, forming multidisciplinary translational research teams.

This cooperation is essential to bring the results obtained in the laboratory closer to their application to the patient. The translational nature of Cima's research is reflected in its constant search for new drugs or therapeutic therapies that can be transferred to patients in the short and medium term.

Most of these trials have been based on advanced therapies aimed at oncology patients, such as cell or gene therapy.

Cima has boosted its commitment to precision medicine this year by combining advanced biomedical scientific activity with cutting-edge technology. These advances include the implementation of precision processes and techniques for diagnosing and treating rare and oncological diseases.

All research procedures carried out at the center are evaluated by the Research Ethics Committee of the University of Navarra, responsible for ensuring compliance with ethical principles in human research.

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Innovation in translational research

Flow cytometry

Cima's innovation in this field has resulted from the joint work of the Cytometry Platform and the Hemato-oncology Program.

Mainly, its research has been based on the study of various cancer prognostic factors such as the tumor microenvironment, the dissemination of tumor cells in peripheral blood and the aforementioned minimal residual disease.

Advanced CAR-T cell therapies

Cima, together with the Clinic's Advanced Therapies Unit, has participated in several multicenter research projects, both national and international, two of them initiated during the 2019-2020 academic year.

In some of these projects, the work of Cima as a producer center of CAR-T and preclinical development of the therapeutic product stands out. 


Clinical trial for Wilson's disease

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc and biotech company Vivet Therapeutics ("Vivet") begin a clinical trial of Wilson's disease with gene therapy originating at the Cima Universidad de Navarra.