"We promote the generation of new companies through collaboration with biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and investment funds to facilitate the arrival of our scientific discoveries to the patient".

Our licensed products seek to solve unmet medical needs in the treatment of rare, neurological, oncological and cardiovascular diseases through gene therapy, cell therapy and therapeutic vaccines.

New spin-off companies and start-ups have emerged from Cima's research discoveries with the aim of reducing the risks associated with drug development and accelerating their access to market.

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New companies

We develop pharmaceuticals that become solutions

Gene therapy for the treatment of
of neurological diseases

Biotechnology company promoted by Cima for the development of AAV-GBA, a vector-based gene therapy for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.
This therapy is capable of correcting mutations associated with Parkinson's disease and other parkinsonisms or movement disorders.

Gene therapy for the treatment
of rare liver diseases

Biotechnology company associated with FIMA, Cima's holding company, to develop VTX-801, a viral vector for gene therapy aimed at treating alterations in the ATP7B gene, responsible for copper metabolism and whose mutation causes its accumulation in the liver and other tissues causing different diseases.

Antifibrinolytic strategy for the
treatment of hemorrhage 

Biotechnology company promoted by Cima for the development of CM-352, a new proprietary compound to reduce bleeding in life-threatening and disabling hemorrhagic conditions associated with surgery, trauma, intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) or other tissue damage.