Training internships at Cima

Training periods of a fixed duration, under the supervision of researchers and qualified staff.

First contact with research

Cima offers the opportunity to carry out training internships of a determined duration, incorporating the student in a research team, under the supervision of top researchers and qualified personnel.

This will allow the students to get acquainted with the world of research, and the acquisition of scientific method -related skill. It also provides a better understanding of theoretical concepts.

In all cases, students performing an internship or scientific stay at the center must fill out the application form and send it duly filled, including signatures of responsable and Program Director, to, for Management approval. 

Bachelor's thesis (TFG)

Bachelor’s thesis (TFG) is an autonomous work performed by each student under the guidance of a tutor, who will enhance the learning process Students must demonstrate the work’s novelty, through a public defense.

Research Training Program (RTP)

This is a special training program in the areas of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology. This Program is carried out in a laboratory related to the área of knowledge. It includes participation in seminars and specific matters, which strongly complement your training in science. 

Master's Thesis (TFM)

The Master's Thesis is a research project directed by tutors individually assigned to each student at the beginning of the Master's program. Mentoring allows a precise attention to the student's needs, including career guidance. Cima offers TFM for students coming from different universities, with which an educational framework agreement has been established. Students from abroad are welcome.


Targeted to students who complement their training during or after their undergraduate studies, Cima welcomes students interested in carrying out training internships during the Summer, under an educational cooperation agreement between Cima and sending university. This Institution is responsable of the administrative management of the internships and Social Security related issues. 

UNAV students can apply for internships at Cima until February 24, 2024, through the Internship and Employment Service