Research Divisions

We research to improve patients' lives

Cutting-edge biomedical research

At Cima we do research to cure

We aim to address fundamental biological questions to provide pioneering solutions to unmet medical needs.  

We conduct innovative fundamental and translational research of excellence in three major divisions of knowledge: Cancer, DNA and RNA Medicine and Technological Innovation.

We aim to advance knowledge in these biomedical areas and discover new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat complex diseases. Through close collaboration between the laboratory and the clinic, our research seeks to impact patients' lives.

Research Divisions

Patients are at the center of our research



The Cancer Division focuses on investigating the origin of cancer and the molecular, cellular and physiological processes that lead to tumour formation, disease spread and metastasis.

Its main goal is to understand the mechanisms behind the malignant transformation to improve treatment options and patients' quality of life. Research in these areas is essential to find meaningful therapeutic solutions in the fight against cancer.

Cima's oncology research activity is integrated into the Cancer Center Clínica Universidad de Navarra, promoting the development of cutting-edge research, clinical trials and treatments based on the latest technology and evidence available.

This division is structured into three main research programs that coordinate the activity of several research groups:

Solid Tumors 
Immunology and Immunotherapy

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The DNA and RNA Medicine Division focuses on research into genetic information to treat diseases and improve people's health.

These are two promising areas in the fight against genetic diseases and other medical conditions. Through this division, Cima focuses on improving and expanding the application of RNA medicine and gene therapy to address primarily monogenic diseases and cancer. 

With the expertise gained in these areas, our scientists are directing their research toward developing new techniques and therapeutic approaches that harness the power of DNA and RNA medicine to improve human health. These advances could change how diseases are treated and prevented and offer new hope for patients with rare, severe and chronic diseases. 

This division is structured into three main programs and several research groups:

RNA Biology and Therapies
Gene Therapy of Neurological Diseases
Gene Therapy for Rare Diseases

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The Technological Innovation Division integrates Cima's technological capabilities with its scientific innovation to develop new processes and state-of-the-art tools that enable an in-depth disease study.

This division is integrated into multidisciplinary programs and groups with a clear innovative, and translational vocation. Our scientists seek to impact the identification of the mechanisms involved in a wide range of pathologies and their treatment. They aim to propose more precise diagnostic alternatives and promote the discovery of new therapeutic solutions for the patient's benefit.

This division is structured into four main research programs that coordinate the activity of several research groups, with nine laboratories covering a broad spectrum of experimental approaches that make this division a fundamental element that provides a transversal backbone for the research carried out at Cima.

Computational Biology and Translational Genomics
Biomedical Engineering                
Therapeutic Innovation

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Passion for improving patients' lives

Cima scientists tackle fundamental biological questions daily, driven by a passion for discovering new ways to cure unsolved diseases. 

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Cutting-edge translational research

With a focus on the patient and a mission to propose new drugs and therapeutic strategies that will soon reach the clinic, we collaborate closely with clinicians and researchers at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

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