Your donation is essential for our research

Non-profit institution

The collaboration of our donors is one of the three fundamental pillars of the Universidad de Navarra Cima's funding, together with the funding obtained in competitive projects and through collaboration with companies.

Any economic surplus is reinvested in the improvement of research and innovation in new projects.


The budget allocated to research during the 2019-20 academic year was 19,817,000 €.

The funding of the Cima Universidad de Navarra is obtained from 3 main pillars.


contracts with companies


national and international competitive projects


non-profit contributions from individuals, companies and foundations

Who helps us?

Thanks to the social support we received, in the 19/20 academic year we obtained 4,900,000 euros from private voluntary donations. Of this amount, 79% came from companies and institutions, and the remaining 21% from individuals. 

Here you can learn more about the companies that support our research.