Financial Management and Administration

The Financial Management and Administration Service is responsible for managing the economic and financial activities of the Cima Universidad de Navarra. In addition, it is responsible for managing its resources to promote research, innovation, and the development of new scientific projects.

Laura Escudero Lobato


Administration and Accounting

Irma Aguinaga Armendáriz

Christian Bella Martins


Arantxa Ibarra Benito

Management Secretary

Marisol Ripa Gorriz

Solid Tumors and Biomarkers,
Oncohematology, Cell Therapy

Cristina Canciani Cenoz

Molecular Therapies

Nerea Cano Lavauz

Cardiovascular Diseases

Cristina López Goñi

Immunology and Immunotherapy,
Gene Therapy

Cibeles Pinto Peinado

Hepatology, Immunology and Immunotherapy,
Gene Therapy