Research and Project Management

Project Management

The Project Management Service supports researchers at Cima University of Navarra in obtaining national and international competitive public and private funds for the development of their research activity.

Its service is based on individualized advice and monitoring of funded projects in order to comply with the requirements stipulated by the regulatory and funding agencies. Specifically, the professionals of this service carry out the economic monitoring and justification of the grants obtained, in addition to controlling the correct use of the funding, according to the stipulations of the funders.

Diego Medarde Artime

Project management manager

National Projects

Elsa Losada Gil

Project Management

Leyre Arbeloa García

Project Management

María del Henar Armas Omedes

Project Management

Natalia Reyna Sarmiento

Project Management

International Projects

Marta Lázaro Echavarren

Project Manager

Research Evaluation and Management

The Research Management Service supports Cima's Direction in the preparation of proposals for institutional calls, and participates in the coordination of pre-doctoral students and student internships at the center. 

It also participates in the elaboration and updating of scientific production indicators, including evaluation of the scientific merits of researchers at different stages of their research career. It also supports the Personnel Service in the selection processes of research personnel, thus contributing to the attraction of talent to the center.

Ana Fortuño Gil, PhD

Research Management

Eloy Francisco Robles Cortés

Research Management