Cima hosts the second general assembly of the Navarra Health Cluster

The cluster aims to improve competitiveness in the healthcare sector of Navarra and position the region as a benchmark in the biosanitary field.

Image of the second general assembly of NHC

March 11, 2024

The Cima University of Navarra has hosted the celebration of the second general assembly of the Navarra Health Cluster (NHC), the organization supporting competitiveness and innovation in the healthcare sector within the Foral Community of Navarra.

The president of NHC, Alicia López de Ocáriz from CINFA Laboratories, opened the assembly and highlighted "the consolidation of the cluster as a key interlocutor in just a year and a half" for the public institutional authorities of Navarra.

Subsequently, the first results in Infrastructures, Talent, and Innovation were addressed in three working committees; areas led respectively by Roberto Díez from Telum Therapeutics, David Zubeldía from Qube Pharma, and Adrián Jiménez from Darwin Biomed. This was followed by the first edition of the "Meet and Eat" cycle, a session where four entities presented themselves to promote mutual knowledge and networking among member partners.

Lucía Vanrell PhD, Director of Innovation and Transfer at Cima, began by explaining the work carried out at the biomedical research center of the University of Navarra. This was followed by Gloria González-Aseguinolaza PhD, Director of the Gene Therapy Program for Rare Diseases at Cima, and scientific director of the biotechnological company Vivet Therapeutics. The Public University of Navarra and Neuraptic IA also contributed to the interventions.

Prior to the session, members of associated entities visited Cima's facilities and had firsthand experience with research platforms such as Bioinformatics, Cytometry, Morphology, and Genomics, among others. They also visited CIMA LAB Diagnostics, the genetic and phenotypic diagnostic laboratory at Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

The Navarra Health Cluster was established in 2022 and currently consists of 45 partners with annual revenues exceeding 2.6 billion euros. This sectoral cluster aims to enhance competitiveness and innovation in healthcare companies by promoting diversification and collaboration among partners, institutions, and sector stakeholders, facilitating internationalization, and enhancing talent attraction and retention.