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Flow cytometry-assisted quantification of immune cells infiltrating irradiated tumors in mice

01-ene-2023 | Revista: Methods in Cell Biology

Sara Labiano  1 , Irantzu Serrano-Mendioroz  2 , María Esperanza Rodriguez-Ruiz  3


The immunomodulatory properties of local hypofractionated radiotherapy are known to promote the generation of anti-tumor immune responses. Such responses are largely due to the infiltration of cytotoxic lymphocytes (TILs) into the tumors that are able to destroy malignant lesions.

In this context, characterizing the tumor immune microenvironment following radiotherapy is crucial for the study of its mechanism of action. Flow cytometry-based analyses are frequently used to elucidate changes in the tumor immune microenvironment.

The use of a fluorochrome-conjugated antibody panel is currently a standard technique to assess the number and phenotype of immune cell populations infiltrating the tumors. Here, we describe a method to isolate and quantify TILs based on flow-cytometry in mammary carcinoma-bearing mice that undergo a local hypofractionated radiotherapy regimen consisting of 3 consecutive doses of 8 Gy.

With some adaptations, this protocol can be successfully applied to a diverse range of transplantable and inducible solid mouse tumors of different origins.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Methods Cell Biol. 2023;174:1-16.  doi: 10.1016/bs.mcb.2022.07.005.  Epub 2022 Aug 18