Microorganisms and new biotechnological solutions for the benefit of patients

Members of the MicroBiomics Project meet to launch this consortium, coordinated by Cima and funded by the Government of Navarra in its call for Strategic R&D Projects 2021.

First meeting of the MicroBiomics Project

August 19, 2021

On July 27th the first meeting of the μBiomics Project was held, a public-private consortium funded by the Government of Navarra in its call for Strategic R&D Projects 2021. Coordinated by the Cima University of Navarra, this project focuses on the multi-omic study of the microbiota, with the aim of developing innovative biotechnological solutions in the area of health.
During the meeting, the project partners, belonging to Cima, Navarrabiomed, the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, the Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra, the University of Navarra (through CIMA LAB Diagnostics and the Centro de Investigación en Nutrición), ADItech, NUCAPS and CNTA, in cooperation wirh NASERTIC, established the work plan for the next three years and defined the first actions.

The role of microorganisms in health

Recent studies indicate that microbial communities play a fundamental role in human health. These microorganisms, collectively referred to as microbiota, are involved both in the pathophysiology of various diseases and in the response of patients to drug treatments.

"Our project aims to generate a multi-omics platform and a set of bioinformatics tools that allow us to characterize, in a global way, the role of the microbiota in different pathological processes (digestive, autoimmune, oncological, etc.). On the other hand, a complementary study will be carried out to learn in more detail how alterations in the microbiota influence patients' responses to different clinical and therapeutic interventions," explains Dr. Antonio Pineda-Lucena, director of the Molecular Therapies Program at Cima and coordinator of the project.

The ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of innovative biotechnological solutions in the field of healthcare