Ovarian cancer

The ovaries are a pair of glands in the female reproductive system. Cancer occurs when their cells become malignant.

There are several types of ovarian cancer depending on the origin of the altered cell.  Among them, the main ones are epithelial cancer (originates in the cells of the tissue covering the ovary) and germ cell cancer (starts in the eggs). 

Often when it is diagnosed it is in an advanced stage, which conditions the treatment options.

The causes of its origin are unknown, but some risk factors associated with its development are having a family history, suffering alterations in specific genes or having hormonal problems, among others.

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We dream of curing ovarian cancer

Treatment options have increased significantly in recent years, but much remains to be discovered.

We investigate to know the genetic and hormonal factors involved in its development and metastasis.

We develop strategies for early detection and effective treatment of the disease.

We work together with researchers and clinicians so that our discoveries reach the patient as soon as possible.

How do we research ovarian cancer?

Cima's ovarian cancer research is integrated into the
Gynecological Cancer Research Area of the Cancer Center Clínica Universidad de Navarra.