Development of mRNA-based cancer immunotherapy

The treatment of people with cancer has progressed at a dizzying pace due to advances in cancer immunotherapy. A significant fraction of people with cancer become long-term survivors thanks to the use of monoclonal antibodies that disinhibit specific immune system 'brakes.' However, not all of these people respond, and identifying those sensitive to immunotherapy treatments and developing new, more rapid, cost-effective translational strategies are needed.

Therefore, in the ARNMUNE project, we propose the development of clinical trials based on preclinical research on mRNA drugs. In Navarra, we have experts in immunotherapy with international prestige in basic and preclinical research and clinical development (clinical trials). In addition, we have well-established pharmaceutical companies as leaders in stimulating the immune system against cancer and developing advanced drugs based on galenic innovations.

The ARNMUNE project aims to unite and consolidate the synergic collaboration between these groups to promote immunotherapy treatments exploiting mRNA technology, validate new treatments in experimental models, optimizing the use of infrastructures, and promote the participation and performance of clinical trials of cancer immunotherapy in hospitals in Navarra.

Thus, This consortium aims to strengthen the industrial fabric and cutting-edge translational research carried out in Navarra by research centers, hospital complexes, and pharmaceutical companies.

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Coordinator and partners

Project coordinator: 

  • FIMA through Cima University of Navarra

Project partners:

  • University of Navarra
  • Miguel Servet Foundation through Navarrabiomed and Navarra University Hospital
  • Leadartis
  • InnoUp
  • Fundación ADItech

Objectives of the ARNMUNE project

Specialized teams to achieve the objective

To achieve a clinical trial

Perform the regulatory preclinical necessary to obtain an IND to conduct a clinical trial based on intratumoral coadministration of mRNA encoding IL12, and IL18 engineered not to bind to its binding protein.

To advance R&D of new next-generation immunotherapeutic agents

to bring them to clinical research under the cover of solid intellectual property.

To establish specific biomarkers

to identify subgroups of patients who do not respond to the onco-specific strategies available in current clinical practice and therefore are potential beneficiaries of new immunotherapy strategies.

Gender dimension

Integrate the gender dimension transversally in the research content.

Icono equipo profesionales ARNMUNE project research staff

  • Ignacio Melero
  • María Rodríguez Ruiz
  • Iñaki Eguren
  • Carlos de Andrea
  • Álvaro López Janeiro
  • Juana Merino
  • Inmaculada Rodríguez López
  • José Ignacio F. Trocóniz
  • María Jesús Garrido Cid
  • Sara Zalba Oteiza
  • Ana Gloria Gil
  • Juan José Pérez Villa
  • Marta Compte Grauç
  • Susana Frago Moreno
  • Rocío Navarro Ortiz
  • Maite Agüeros Bazo
  • Sara Gómez Martínez
  • Jorge Morales Gracia
  • Grazyna Kochan (FMS-NB)
  • David Escors Murugarren (FMS-NB)
  • Ana Isabel Bocanegra Gondan (FMS-NB)
  • Miriam Echaide Górriz (FMS-NB)
  • Luisa Chocarro de Erauso (FMS-NB)
  • Ana Elsa Huerta (FMS-NB)
  • Ibone Labiano (FMS-NB)
  • Maria Alsina (FMS-HUN)
  • Ruth Vera (FMS-HUN)
  • Hugo Arasanz (FMS-HUN)
  • (To be defined)

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