Molecular Therapeutics

"Our goal is to discover new molecular therapies that can address unmet medical needs based on novel targets and/or mechanisms of action."


In the Molecular Therapeutics Program at Cima we focus on discovering new molecular therapies that can address unmet medical needs. 

Once a new target or mechanism of action (MoA) is discovered, our first objective is to identify chemical probes for in vitro validation. From these chemical probes, we develop new proprietary chemical series that we optimize in order to perform in vivo validation of the new target, both from an efficacy and safety point of view; and to rule out possible associated toxicity. 

By validating the target in vivo, we minimize risks and develop pharmacological tools with intellectual property (IP). Thus, for its translation to the clinic, we work with a protected "Markush" formula, which can be explored and optimized to obtain "optimized leads" and identify the most suitable for the clinical phase: pre-clinical candidate.

This working space with intellectual property makes it possible for third parties (e.g. pharmaceutical companies), with more experience and capabilities, to invest in our research and bring the results to the patient, which is our main objective.

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Objectives of the Research Program in Molecular Therapies

in vitro e in vivo

In order to know the efficacy and safety of new targets or mechanisms of action of clinical interest through the use of new molecules.

Development of
therapeutic agents

Design of new molecules for multifactorial optimization and to reach the patient as quickly as possible.

External collaboration
with companies

We make it possible for external companies, with capacity and resources, to invest in the project and take it to the patient, which is our main objective.


New molecular therapies

We have different approaches, based on peptides, aptamers and small molecules, which allow us to cover a wide spectrum of alternatives for the development of new therapeutic strategies.

Our research groups

We are looking for pharmacological tools to validate in vivo, in terms of efficacy and safety, new therapeutic targets.

Medicinal Chemistry

Discovery of small molecules with therapeutic potential.


Development of new aptamers with future therapeutic or diagnostic applications.


Optimization of in vitro chemical probes indicated as therapeutic strategies.

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