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Dr. Silvestre Vicent Cambra

Principal Investigator of the Oncogenes and Effector Targets Group (OnTarget) in the Solid Tumor Program.
Preferential dedication to the study of epithelial tumors with mutations in the KRAS oncogene.

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Professional career

Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Navarra in 1997.

Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Navarra in 2002 for research carried out in the Department of Histology.

Postdoctoral studies at the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA-University of Navarra) and Stanford University.

Since 2013 he has been the principal investigator of the Oncogenes and Effector Targets Group (OnTarget), within the Solid Tumors Program, at the CIMA of the University of Navarra.


IP Oncogenes and Effector Targets Group (OnTarget).

Forty-nine indexed publications cited more than 3,000 times.

Publications in Nature, Nature Medicine, Cancer Discovery, JCI, Nature Communications, Dev Cell, AJRCCR, Clinical Cancer Research, Cancer Research, Molecular Cancer, Oncogene, ...

Invited review articles in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, Liver International, and Cancers.

Invited comments in JTO and Clinical Cancer Research.


Identification and study of molecular targets in KRAS mutant tumors.

Discovery of new therapeutic strategies through drug repurposing


As an educator

Collaborating Professor of the Department of Pathology, Anatomy and Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Navarra since 2012.

Director of thesis projects (6, 2 defended), master (Biomedical Research: 4; Computational Methods in Science: 2), and final degree (10), also at the University of Navarra.

Courses taught in international consortia: European Network for the Study of Cholangiocarcinoma (ENS-CCA).

As a researcher

He has contributed to the identification of master regulators of transcription in KRAS mutant tumors of lung, pancreas, and cholangiocarcinoma through interspecies approaches (human-mouse).

His work has led to identifying new molecular targets amenable to pharmacological inhibition and new drug combinations for treating tumors targeted by the KRAS oncogene.

His group has developed new experimental tools in vitro (2D and 3D) and in vivo (genetic and syngeneic models) for the study of novel therapeutic strategies


  • International: EuroNanoMed, Worldwide Cancer Research, IASLC, CIG-Marie Curie
  • National: Strategic NextGenerationEU, National Plan (x3), Government of Navarra, AECC strategic, BBVA Leonardo, La Marató TV3, CAN Foundation.
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Scientific highlights

  • Leonardo Fellowship (2018)
  • IASLC Young Investigator Award (2015)
  • I3 Program (MICINN)
  • Ramón y Cajal Contract (Biomedicine, 2011)

Scientific organizations

  • Co-IP of the CIBERONC group CB16/12/00443 (Respiratory Tract Tumors Program).
  • Member of the European Network for the Study of Cholangiocarcinoma (ENS-CCA) and the Pancreatic Cancer. Organoids Research network (PRECODE-ITN).
  • Associate Editor of the journal Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology.
  • Member of evaluation panels of Spanish and international agencies.
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