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Next Generation Immuno-Oncology Strategies: Unleashing NK Cells Activity

06-oct-2022 | Revista: Cells

Alberto Mendoza-Valderrey  1 , Maite Alvarez  2   3   4 , Andrea De Maria  5   6 , Kim Margolin  7 , Ignacio Melero  2   3   4   8 , Maria Libera Ascierto  1


In recent years, immunotherapy has become a powerful therapeutic option against multiple malignancies. The unique capacity of natural killer (NK) cells to attack cancer cells without antigen specificity makes them an optimal immunotherapeutic tool for targeting tumors.

Several approaches are currently being pursued to maximize the anti-tumor properties of NK cells in the clinic, including the development of NK cell expansion protocols for adoptive transfer, the establishment of a favorable microenvironment for NK cell activity, the redirection of NK cell activity against tumor cells, and the blockage of inhibitory mechanisms that constrain NK cell function.

We here summarize the recent strategies in NK cell-based immunotherapies and discuss the requirement to further optimize these approaches for enhancement of the clinical outcome of NK cell-based immunotherapy targeting tumors.

CITA DEL ARTÍCULO  Cells. 2022 Oct 6;11(19):3147.  doi: 10.3390/cells11193147