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"Committed to developing tools, technologies, and therapeutic solutions to address currently unmet clinical needs from an innovative perspective."


The main objective of our Technological Innovation Research Division is to develop new technical, computational and therapeutic procedures (chemical, biological, cellular, tissue), aimed at achieving a better understanding of the molecular basis of diseases, and a more appropriate therapeutic and clinical approach for each one of them.

The different projects carried out in the division focus on the search for therapeutic strategies based on the identification, by bioinformatics and experimental methods, of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets that, through the use of state-of-the-art technological and therapeutic procedures, make it possible to achieve new treatments for diseases for which there is a clear clinical need. This strategy includes approaches based on 3D design and printing, chemical synthesis of biomaterials, cellular reprogramming and stem cells, all with a clinical orientation.

The research carried out in the division, based on multidisciplinary programs and groups, has a clear innovative and translational vocation, and seeks to have an impact on the identification of the mechanisms involved in very diverse pathologies and their treatment. On the other hand, developments in the knowledge of tissues will allow progress in the development of human organs for therapeutic use.

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Technological Innovation Division Objectives

Design and manufacture human tissues using tissue engineering strategies, hiPSC stem cells, gene editing, and interspecies chimeras.

Developing micro-physiological organ-on-chip physical models to investigate diseases and serve as a basis for testing therapeutic agents.

Development of predictive computational models based on artificial intelligence and deep learning.

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Development of new therapeutic approaches to restore pathological brain dynamics and brain-body interactions.

In vitro and in vivo validation of new targets or mechanisms of action of clinical interest, through the use of new molecules to determine their efficacy and safety.

Development of new chemical and biological therapeutic agents based on multifactorial optimization strategies leading to a new generation of innovative drugs.

Develop and implement artificial intelligence methods to understand molecular changes associated with disease development, drug response, and aging

Development of international standards (ISO) for efficient and secure representation of genomic data and their association with clinical data for effective AI application on them.

Our research groups

The Technological Innovation Division is structured in four research programs

Carlos Ortiz de Solórzano
Program Director

Mikel Hernáez
Program Director

Antonio Pineda
Program Director

Bruno Paiva
Program Director

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