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Platform for the identification of tumor antigen-specific TCRs for immunotherapy of solid tumors (PITAGORAS).

Dr. Sandra Hervás Stubbs
Researcher | Principal Investigator Adoptive Cell Therapy Research Group

Project information

TCR-T cells are an emerging class of biologics that possess the potential to satisfy treatment needs not met by CAR-T cells, especially in solid tumors. TCR has great advantages over CARs because there are more potential targets for TCRs and because they allow better long-term tumor control. The development of TCR therapy requires overcoming a number of challenges, the most critical being to identify tumor antigen-specific TCRs, most of which are patient-specific (private). The main objective of PITAGORAS is to develop a new method that identifies patient-specific tumor-specific TCRs rapidly and accurately. This method relies on the use of new sequencing technologies that allow parallel sequencing of TCR genes and the transcriptome in single cells. The results of this project will help the development of personalized TCR therapies.

Secondary objectives of PITAGORAS are:

  • To identify molecular signatures that  predict the TCR clonotypes that perform best in cell therapy
  • The use of new methods, based on the spatial localization of T lymphocytes, for the selection of TCRs with therapeutic value
  • Study the molecular mechanisms by which tumor cells evade the tumor activity of TCR-T cells.
  • Establish relevant preclinical models to empirically test personalized TCRs.

The Government of Navarra finances it within its call for Strategic R&D Projects 2023.

  • Convocation: Strategic R&D Projects 2023.
  • Reference: 0011-1411-2023-000072
  • Duration: 3
  • Start date: July 1, 2023
  • End date: December 31, 2025
  • Funder: Gobierno de Navarra
  • Nature of project: Regional
  • Award year 2023

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