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Landscape and clinical significance of long non-coding RNAs involved in multiple myeloma expressed fusion transcripts

Dec 27, 2021 | Magazine: American Journal of Hematology

Ane Amundarain #  1   2 , Luis V Valcárcel #  1   3 , Raquel Ordoñez  1   2 , Leire Garate  1   2   4 , Estíbaliz Miranda  1   2 , Xabier Cendoya  3 , Arantxa Carrasco-Leon  1   2 , María José Calasanz  2   5 , Bruno Paiva  2   4   5   6 , Cem Meydan  7   8   9 , Christopher E Mason  7   8   9 , Ari Melnick  7 , Paula Rodriguez-Otero  2   4 , José I Martín-Subero  2   10   11   12 , Jesús San Miguel  2   4 , Francisco J Planes  3 , Felipe Prósper  1   2   4 , Xabier Agirre  1   2

To the Editor:

Multiple myeloma (MM) is a hematologic neoplasm characterized by a clonal expansion of malignant plasma cells (PCs) in the bone marrow, showing clinical, genetic, and epigenetic heterogeneity. Chromosomal translocations are one of the hallmarks of MM, and mainly involve the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus (IGH). These translocations usually result in the placement of various oncogenes under the control of IGH, leading to the up-regulation of genes that provide a selective growth advantage to MM cells.1 Five recurrent IGH translocations have been described in MM; however, in many cases, the second gene involved is not defined in routine clinical analyses. Besides, recent studies have reported novel recurrent fusion partners and novel non-IGH fusions beyond well-known translocations.2, 3 Nevertheless, these approaches did not consider the normal counterpart of B-cells, which may provide new insights regarding the role of fusion transcripts (FT) in MM. Furthermore, MM is also associated with deregulation of long noncoding RNAs (lncRNA), a group of genes with increasing relevance in cancer.4 Various studies suggest the involvement of lncRNAs in chromosomal translocations; however, this has not been assessed in MM.

CITATION  Am J Hematol. 2022 Mar 1;97(3):E113-E117. doi: 10.1002/ajh.26450. Epub 2022 Jan 6.

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Ane Amundarain Iraola
Luis Valcárcel García
Carolina Barreda Ordoñez
Técnico de laboratorio del Grupo de Patología Mieloide del Cima Universidad de Navarra
Leire Garate Iturriagagoitia
Laboratory technician Myeloid Pathology Research Group
Técnico de laboratorio del Grupo de Patología Mieloide del Cima Universidad de Navarra
Estíbaliz Miranda Elizalde
Laboratory technician Myeloid Pathology Research Group
Arantxa Carrasco León