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Dr. Juan José Lasarte

Director of the Immunology and Immunotherapy Program.
Preferential dedication to the development of antiviral and antitumor immunotherapy strategies.
Full professor in Immunology.

Be part of: Cima Universidad de Navarra

Professional career

Degree in Biological Sciences from the Universidad de Navarra in 1988. D. in Sciences from the same university in 1992.

Specialized in research in the development of vaccines and antiviral and antitumor immunotherapies.

He has carried out research stays at the Pasteur Institute and the Cochin Hospital in Paris (France).

Since 2004 he has been a member of the Cima Universidad de Navarra.

Professor of Immunology at the Universidad de Navarra.


He is the co-inventor of 18 patents, some of them in clinical phases to treat several pathologies.

He has participated with one of his patents in a clinical trial for the treatment of scleroderma.

He has participated in more than 26 research projects, being the principal investigator in 18 of them. In addition, he has participated in competitive projects funded by: the European Union (H2020 Program), Ministry of Science and Innovation, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Carlos III Health Institute, Government of Navarra, and private organizations.


  • Characterization of the mechanisms of induction of cellular and humoral immune responses.
  • Study of the mechanisms of escape of viruses from immune system surveillance.
  • Characterization and development of synthetic peptides as inhibitors of different biological processes.
  • Development of vaccination methods and CAR-T cell therapies.
  • Study of the function of regulatory T cells and development of inhibitors of their activity.


As an educator

He is Professor of Immunology at the Faculty of Medicine.

He has supervised 10 doctoral theses, 5 of which were recognized with the Extraordinary Doctorate Award of the Universidad de Navarra.

He has collaborated in the writing of 6 books.

Invited speaker in more than 20 courses and symposia during the last 5 years. Of relevance: Invitation to the 5th Annual ELRIG Research and Innovation Conference, 2017, Cambridge, Invitation as Plenary Speaker to the EUFEPS Frankfurt 2019 Annual Meeting.

As a researcher

He has participated in the publication of more than 125 scientific articles in international journals and in more than 100 communications to national/international congresses.

Inventor of the EDA vaccination platform that allowed the creation of the start-up "Formune Vaccines" for the development of a therapeutic vaccine against cervical carcinoma.

License and collaboration agreement signed with Hoffman-La Roche for the development of T-cell regulatory inhibitor molecules.

Participation in clinical trials: based on a patent for p144, a TGF-beta inhibitor peptide, a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety study of p144 to treat cutaneous fibrosis in systemic sclerosis.

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Scientific highlights

  • Some of his patents have led to licensing agreements and the formation of spin-off companies.
  • Development of a battery of Foxp3 transcription factor inhibitors for use in cancer immunotherapy.
  • Inventor of the EDA vaccination platform that allowed the creation of the start-up "Formune Vaccines" for the development of a therapeutic vaccine against cervical carcinoma.
  • Coordinator of the Spanish Cancer Immunotherapy Network: REINCA.
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