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Dr. Álvaro Teijeira Sánchez

Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of Dynamics of the Antitumor Immune Response.
My research makes use of advanced light microscopy and live microscopy approaches to decipher the functions of the immune system in cancer to identify new therapeutic targets and immune escape mechanisms to target with new immunotherapy approaches.

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Professional career

  • Graduated in biochemistry (2008) and PhD in biology from the University of Navarra (2012).
  • Postdoctoral fellow (Swiss excellence program) at ETH Zurich under the supervision of Cornelia Halin 2013-2016
  • Senior postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Ignacio Melero at CIMA, University of Navarra (Juan de la Cierva and La Caxia Junior Leader) 2016-2021.
  • Ramon Y Cajal researcher (2021-)
  • Principal investigator of the Antitumor Immune Response Dynamics laboratory (2024-)


His research work has been important in the description of the mechanisms that govern the migration of leukocytes or the function of neutrophils and their extracellular traps in immunity against tumors.

77 publications in high quality internationaljournals.

Principal investigator in more than 6 projects financed by public and private entities (Ministry of Science, AECC scientific foundation, La Caixa)


  • Role of neutrophils, extracellular DNA traps and other myeloid cells in cancer progression
  • Live  and intravital microscopy applied to the observation of immune responses against tumors.
  • Role of the tumor endothelium in the regulation of immune infiltration into tumors and therapeutic strategies to increase their recruitment


As an educator

  • ANECA certificate for contracted doctor professor (equivalent to associated professor).
  • Supervisor of 5 completed bachelor, master and PhD thesis.
  • Teaching advanced microscopy techniques in the biochemistry department.

As a researcher

  • Co-author of up to 77 scientific publications in immunology and cancer in high-impact journals such as Immunity, Nature, Cancer Cell,…
  • Frequent reviewer in journals in the field and participation in evaluation panels or as an external evaluator for national and international funders.
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Scientific highlights

  • Grants / Scholarships: Leonardo Scholarship (2023), Ramon Y Cajal Contract (2020), I3 program (2023).
  • Expert in: Intravital Microscopy
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