microBiomics Project

Applications of the multi-omic study of the microbiota to the development of innovative biotechnological solutions in the area of health care

The microBiomics project focuses on the study of the microbiota and its relationship with the development and treatment of diseases.

Recent studies indicate that microbial communities play a very important role in human health. These microorganisms, collectively referred to as microbiota, coexist in virtually every cavity of the human body and on its surface, and play an important role not only in the pathophysiology of different diseases, but also in the response of patients to drug treatments.

In this context, the multidisciplinary consortium microBiomics has been launched, coordinated by the Cima University of Navarra, and funded by the Government of Navarra in its call for Strategic R&D Projects 2021 within the SIBERIA III challenge.

The consortium is made up of essential agents in the biosanitary and industrial field of Navarra: two hospital centers, responsible for clinical care and capable of identifying healthcare challenges (Clínica Universidad de Navarra and Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra); five research centers, generators of knowledge and the development and implementation of new experimental approaches, both in research and clinical care (Cima, Navarrabiomed, CIMA LAB Diagnostics, CIN, ADItech), and two biotechnology companies and research organizations with preferential dedication to industry, experts in the generation and analysis of results, and in industrial valorization (NUCAPS, CNTA). 

The microBiomics project is funded by the Government of Navarra within its 2021 call for strategic R&D projects.


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Coordinator and partners

MicroBiomics project participants

Project coordinator: 

  • FIMA through Cima Universidad de Navarra

Project partners:

  • Clínica Universidad de Navarra
  • Navarra Hospital Complex
  • Miguel Servet Foundation through Navarrabiomed
  • Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra
  • Universidad de Navarra, through CIMA LAB Diagnostics and Centro de Investigación en Nutrición
  • Nucaps
  • CNTA
  • Nasertic

Objectives of the microBiomics project

Development of innovative biotechnological solutions in the health area

Multi-omic study of the microbiota

present in human body cavities

To generate bioinformatics tools to characterize the role of the microbiota

to characterize the role of the microbiota in different pathological processes.

To deepen the study of alterations in the microbiota

and how they influence the response to different treatments

Icono equipo profesionales microBiomics Project participants

  • Antonio Pineda-Lucena
  • Mikel Hernáez
  • Elizabet Guruceaga
  • Marta Pozuelo
  • Mª Antonia Fortuño
  • Iziar Ludwig
  • Francesco Marchese


  • Alfonso Gúrpide
  • José Mª  López-Picazo
  • Bruno Sangro
  • Carlos Javier González
  • Ana Romo
  • Alfonso Gúrpide
  • José Mª  López-Picazo
  • Bruno Sangro
  • Carlos Javier González
  • Ana Romo
  • Maite Betés
  • José Mª Aramendía
  • Mercedes Iñarrairaegui
  • Fermín Milagro
  • José Ignacio Riezu
  • Francisco Javier Gracia
  • Ana Borda
  • Cristina Rodríguez
  • Saioa Rubio
  • Mari Cruz Laiño


  • Iñigo Lasa
  • Begoña García
  • Joaquín Fernández
  • Isabel Gil-Aldea
  • Cristina Solano
  • Maite Echeverz
  • Enrique Santamaría


  • Irene Miguel-Aliaga (external colaborator)

  • Ana Brotons
  • Izaskun Imuluzqueta
  • Edurne Luque
  • María Elena Díaz
  • Carolina González
  • Ana Moreno
  • Raquel Virto
  • Dante Fratebianchi
  • Noelia López
  • María José Sáiz