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Characterization of the Antiglioma Effect of the Oncolytic Adenovirus VCN-01

Jan 25, 2016 | Magazine: PLoS One

Vera B (1,2,3), Martínez-Vélez N (1,2,3), Xipell E (1,2,3), Acanda de la Rocha A (1,2,3), Patiño-García A (1,4), Saez-Castresana J (1,5), Gonzalez-Huarriz M (1,2,3), Cascallo M (6), Alemany R (7), Alonso MM (1,2,3).


Despite the recent advances in the development of antitumor therapies, the prognosis for patients with malignant gliomas remains dismal. Therapy with tumor-selective viruses is emerging as a treatment option for this devastating disease.

In this study we characterize the anti-glioma effect of VCN-01, an improved hyaluronidase-armed pRB-pathway-selective oncolytic adenovirus that has proven safe and effective in the treatment of several solid tumors. VCN-01 displayed a significant cytotoxic effect on glioma cells in vitro.

In vivo, in two different orthotopic glioma models, a single intra-tumoral administration of VCN-01 increased overall survival significantly and led to long-term survivors free of disease.

CITATION  PLoS One. 2016 Jan 25;11(1):e0147211. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0147211. eCollection 2016