Leadership and INnovation in cancer immunotherapy from Navarra

The treatment of cancer patients has progressed at a dizzying pace as a result of advances in cancer immunotherapy. Thanks to the use of monoclonal antibodies that disinhibit certain immune system brakes, a significant fraction of patients become long survivors.

In Navarra, we have internationally renowned experts in immunotherapy, both in preclinical research and clinical development (clinical trials). In addition, we have pharmaceutical companies that are well established as leaders in the stimulation of the immune system against cancer, using small molecules that interfere with immunosuppressive mechanisms.

The LINTERNA project (Leadership and INnovation in cancer immunotherapy from Navarra) arises with the aim of combining and consolidating the synergistic collaboration between these groups in order to:

  • Enhance immunotherapy treatments using genomic techniques.
  • Validate new treatments in experimental models optimizing the use of infrastructures.
  • Encourage the participation and conduct of clinical trials of cancer immunotherapy in hospitals in Navarra.

This research is funded by the Government of Navarra for strategic R&D projects and involves two research organizations (FIMA/CIMA and FMS/Navarrabiomed), a biotechnology company (Medibiofarma), the technological corporation ADItech and two hospitals (the Hospital Complex of Navarra and the Clínica Universidad de Navarra).

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Coordinator and partners

Project coordinator: 

  • FIMA through Cima Universidad de Navarra

Project partners:

  • Clínica Universidad de Navarra
  • Navarra Hospital Complex
  • Miguel Servet Foundation through Navarrabiomed
  • Medibiofarma
  • ADItech

Objectives of the LINTERNA consortium

After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses, the conclusion is the need to generate the material infrastructure and specialized personnel for the storage and bioinformatic analysis of large volumes of data obtained through genetic and immunological analysis of patient samples and animal models.

With this, it is proposed to reinforce the cutting-edge translational research being carried out in Navarra from research centers, hospital complexes and pharmaceutical companies with the triple objective of:

Innovative clinical trials

Encourage new clinical trials of innovative drugs that can complement the action of monoclonal antibodies that block immune checkpoints.

To identify new biomarkers

predictive of response to immunotherapies in clinical use or to those developed in this proposal.

Advancing research and development of new immunotherapeutic agents

with the aim of bringing them to clinical research under the cover of solid intellectual property.