BLANCA Project

Genomic technology to generate a vaccine against cancer

The BLANCA project aims to develop vaccines for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer and the most prevalent liver cancer, hepatocarcinoma (HCC). Both are poor prognosis tumors in which there is some response to immunotherapy, but which needs to improve.

In order to find the information to develop the vaccine we will analyze massive data from cancer patients using cutting-edge technology. This next-generation vaccine will combine nanoparticles and RNA, very similar to some of the coronavirus vaccines. After producing the vaccine, we will validate its efficacy in animal models. 
Public-private consortium
The challenge of developing a vaccine faced by BLANCA requires a multidisciplinary team that must work in a coordinated manner to analyze, develop, compare and optimize each step of the process and transfer the resulting product to the rest of the partners. 


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Coordinator and partners

BLANCA project participants

Project coordinator: 

  • FIMA through Cima Universidad de Navarra

Project partners:

  • Clínica Universidad de Navarra
  • Navarra Hospital Complex
  • Miguel Servet Foundation through Navarrabiomed
  • Bionanoplus
  • Asociación SARAY
  • ADItech

Objectives of the BLANCA project

Using genomic data to generate a cancer vaccine

To diagnose, recruit, obtain and store samples

from patients with triple negative breast cancer or HCC.

To develop next-generation technology that allows

sequencing of the general and single cell tumor transcriptome, the traducciome and the ligandome. 

 Implement bioinformatics  to identify

the transcriptome in single cells, integrate multi-omics data,  and obtain a collection of tumor epitopes. 

To validate the immunogenicity of the epitopes , develop stable RNAs and nanoparticles 

and demonstrate the antitumor efficacy of the RNA vaccine in mouse models. 

To promote the translation of the resulting personalized medicine strategy.

Icono equipo profesionales BLANCA Project participants

  • Puri Fortes
  • Pablo Sarobe
  • Cristian Smerdou
  • Maite Huarte
  • María Antonia Fortuño
  • Sandra Hervás
  • Francesco Marchese
  • Rubén Hernández
  • Diana llópiz
  • Mikel Hernáez
  • Elizabeth Guruceaga
  • Ibon Tamayo
  • Jovanna González

  • Marta Santisteban
  • José María López Picazo
  •  Luis Pina
  • José Miguel Aramendía

  • Bruno Sangro
  • Mercedes Iñarrairaegui
  • Josepmaría Argemí


  • María Victoria Zelaya
  • Eva Bandrés
  • David Guerrero


  • Joaquín Fernández
  • Enrique Santamaría
  • Hesman Salman



  • Gorka Lasheras
  • Gonzalo Etayo
  • Cristina Marzal
  • Jorge Jiménez