Cytokine-Based Therapeutics

"Identifying new targets to boost immune responses to cancer is the first step toward safer and more effective antitumor drugs."


The Cytokine-Based Therapies Research Group at Cima focuses on the study of cytokines, molecules that mediate communication between cells of the immune system.

The use of immunostimulatory monoclonal antibodies has revolutionized cancer treatment and to obtain the maximum potential of these new treatments it is necessary to develop drugs based on cytokines.

The aim of our group is to deepen the knowledge of these molecules and to design sophisticated strategies to improve their therapeutic properties, contributing to the development of safe and effective drugs.

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Objectives of the Cytokine-Based Therapies Research Group

We seek to enhance immunotherapy treatments through cross-cutting research

In-depth knowledge of cytokine biology.

Identify new molecular targets and design innovative therapeutic strategies.

To develop new, safer and more effective antitumor drugs.


Cytokines in clinical cancer immunotherapy

The antitumor properties of cytokines have led to an exponential increase in the number of research and clinical trials exploring the safety and efficacy of cytokine-based drugs, not only as single agents but also in combination with other immunomodulatory drugs.

These new trends in the field of cytokine immunotherapy are producing promising therapeutic agents and the design of new strategies with potential clinical application, such as anti-TNF therapy.

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